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Our current selection of Centrefire Rfiles

Enfiled SHTLE No 1 Mk3 in 303
Serial no: 136221

1917 dated, Matching bolt, action, barrel and rear sight. Barrel poor, recently used for blank firing and display purposes. Good entry level collectors piece


Springfield 1903 R F Sedgley Factory Sporter
Custom Model 1903 - 30-06
Serial no: 209996

This is a rare customized Springfield Sporter by R.F. Sedgley Inc. Reginald F. Sedgley started in the firearms industry back in 1897. He became the owner of the firm he worked at in 1916 and renamed it R.F. Sedgley Inc. One of his firm’s endeavors was customizing Model 1903 Springfield rifles. This particular example's action dates from 1906 using a Rock Island Arsenal action. The bore is good to very good, externally it is in good condition. It has a Redfield Micrometer sight (elevation need attention). Extremely rare in Australia. One for the serious Springfield collector


Mossberg Patriot in 30-06

Serial no: MPR 116599


NEW - Matte stainless syhthetic. 4 shot detachable mag, comes as pictured with bases. 


Howa 1500 Varmint in 223
Serial no: B589294


24in barrel, 1 in 8 twist, internal mag, beeded Hogue green stock. Comes as pictured with weaver bases


Howa 1500 in 308
Serial no: B520351


4 shot internal mag. 22in barrel comes as pictured with bases


Remington Model 25 in 25-20Win
Serial no: AA8916

Dating from around 1930, 10 shot pump action. Good condition including bore for a 90year old rifle. Bluing is fading in parts. Not splits or cracks to slide. Reloaders calibre - Cat B in Vic


Howa 1500 Ultralight in 308

Serial no: B472990


NEW - 20in Matte blued barrel, 1 in 10 Twist, Black synthetic stock, 4 shot internal mag, bare rifle


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