Rimfire and Air Rifles
Our Current Selection of Rimfire and Air Rifles

CZ American 452-2E in 22mag
Serial no: 805271

2001 dated, excellent condition including bore. 5 shot mag. The previous owner claims less than a box of rounds through it. comes as pictured with 1in rings


Browning t-Bolt in 17HMR
Serial no: 20248zw253

Good externally, bore very good. bluing to barrel has faded and the stock has minor marks consistent with being a farm gun. Comes as pictured with bases as 5 shot mag


Springfield 860 in 22lr
Serial no 568


15 shot tube fed mag, open sights only, one very ling barrel Good overall condition


Winchester 490 Semi-Auto in 22lr
Serial no: J003644


Good overall condition, comes as pictured with 5 shot mag and nikko stirling 4x32 scope. Bluing gone from barrel. Has been a working farm gun for the last 25 years. 

Cat C /Dealers only


lithgow 1A in 2lr
Serial no: 8621212


Good example of a classic great  beginners toy


Norinco JW15 in 22lr
Serial no: 146287-14-396

24in barrel, threaded muzzle. available in timber  Comes as pictured with 5 shot mag.

10 shot mags and packages also available


New England Factory Sportster in 17Mach2
Serial no: NU302566

Very good condition, heavy barrel, single shot, break open. has picatinny rail. Please note calibre: 17MACH2



Beeman QB78 in 22air - CO2 bulb pwered
Serial no: 11603045

Externally very good, replacement seals included, suspect previous owner has installed them incorrectly as bulbs leak. Needs someone who is familar with these. Seen little use as the previous owner had trouble getting it to work



Sportco 50
Serial no: 2150

Good working order, open sights only, single shot



Rossi 8122M in 22Mag
Serial no: LTH4398405


18in barrel, threaded muzzle 7 shot mag. comes as pictured with bases and open sights.


Voere model 73 in 22lr
Serial no: 356844

10 shot mag, Very good bore, good externally. Has been stored incorrectly has has minor water marking to stock and light rust. Comes as pictured with open sights and Gold Crown 6x40 scope. Great beginners package,


Elgamo hunter 440 in 22air
Serial no: 055504


Good to very good onerall, single shot with rails for a scope


Winchester 67A

Serial no: 26711


Great little starter single shot. Good bore


Ruger M77/22
Serial no: 701-47674

10 shot rotary mag, excellent condition including bore. comes as pictured with 1' rings. Nice little outfit.



Voere 63 in 22lr
Serial no: 228513

Good working condition open sights



Lithgow 1A in 22lr
Serial no: 130066


Good example of a classic great  beginners toy


Winchester 67
Serial no: CT625072

Single shot, good working order, open sights only



Anschutz 1410
Serial no: 1016493

Single shot, good working order, open sights only



Ruger American in 22Mag
Serial no: 832-80810

very good to excellent condition. comes as pictured with 10 shot rotary mag and bases.


Voere 207 in 22lr
Serial no: 487323

Budget 22lr, 10 shot mag, will need rings and a scope as open sights are missing. Externally could do with some love but bore is very good. Perfect for those on a budget


Gamo CF30
Serial no: 04-1C-092319-00


Single shot, open sights with rails for a scope. Good condition


Sportco 40 in 22LR
Serial no: VC794

Good overall condition. Bolt is a bit if a cow. may need some attention. If its not in the correct way it won't work Bore is very good. Appear to have been drilled for something - See pic in comments.



Winchester model 77 in 22lr
Serial no: 165175

Semi-auto, very good condition, works well, 10 shot, open sights with rails for a scope, good workhorse

Cat C required


Anschutlz 1400 in 22lr
Serial no: 1016493

Good working order open sights


Gecado in 177
Serial no: 6255

As new condition, retains origianl instruction ,manual. open sights with rails for a scope



BSA singe shot
Serial no: 31624

Treaded muzzle, very good condition for age, open sights only, single shot



All items sold on this website are sold under Victorian Firearms Dealers licence: 73241410F

All firearms and ammunition will be sold only to Accredited licence holders or other Licenced Firearms Dealers. 

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