Our current selection of Shotguns

Zafer SBS20 in 12G

Serial NO: 161017

Very good to excellent external condition, bores are perfect, 20in barrels, extractor so suitable for Western Action, Single trigger, Choked 1/2 and 1/2

From $495

Wilson & CO - 12G

Serial no: 20734LSB

Black powder single shot. 28in barrel. Hammered.


BSA 410G
Serial no: 36863686

Bolt action single shot, Good condition for age. Unusual example if a 410 , perfect for someone looking for something different,

NOTE: needs 2in shells


Leige SxS in 12G
Serial no: PL1134

28in, hammered, extractor, good working order, perfect for someone on a budget


Riley SxS in 12G
Serial no: 1946S

28in, extractor, good working order, hammered, nice older example


Winchester 370 in 12G
Serial no: C269962

Very good to excellent condition, Stock appears to have been sanded back but has been done very well. 3in chamber



Luchinni FIeld in 12G
Serial no: 17278

30in hammered, choked 3/4s and full. twin trigger, fair condition - action rattles


Beretta Silver Pigeon pump action in 12G
Serial no: 005264

5 shot pump action, Fixed choke. 28in barrel. Good overall condition.

Cat c/dealer only


Radikal Arms BS16 in 12G
Serial no: 47879

28in synthetic folding shotgun, single barrel. Full choke, Very practical "putter-downerer"


From $250

Lanber 87 in 12G
Serial no: TG1043341270

28in barrels, choked 3/4s ans full, tight action, bluing poor. Suit farm work



Iver Johnson - 16G

Serial no: 44260


Original condition, 30in barrel, ejector, bore is fair. Reloaders special



Webley and Sons SXS in 12G

Serial no: 28841

Here's one for those looking for something different,Early 1900s SXS underlever hammered shotgun. This is one for the black powder enthusiasts among us. 30in barrels, 2 3/4in chambers. Tight action for its age, no rattles when you shake it. good bores - again consistent with age.



Berika Black ops in 12G
Serial no: b20b01153

Tactical look and operation. Comes with pop up rifle sights and picatinny rails all over. Adjustable stock. Can be set up for left or right handed operation. 6 removeable choke tubes.Muzzle brake. Includes 2x 5 round box magazines. Straight pull - Cat A in Vic


SHS STP12 in 12G
Serial no: 17-YD-0205

20in barrel, 5 screw inchokes, very good condition. Great little piggy outfit,



Bentley Vanguard in 12G
Serial no: 4739

30in barrels, choked 3/4s and 1/4. twin trigger. Fair condition only - action rattles. 



Boito single in 12G
Serial no: 547860

Good overall condition.

Note: We have a number of single Barrel 12G shotguns similar to this ranging from $120 to $150



Adler MT204 in 410
Serial no: 10614448

single shot folding. two avaialbe

New - $350
Secondhanf very good condition $250

From $250

Marocchi golden snipe III in 12G
Serial no: TN12213

28in barrel ejector, good condition, Is set up for Screwin chokes but currently on has the two in the barrels - 3/4s and 1/2. adjustable height cheak piece,


Cooey 840 in 410
Serial no: F100219

Single shot, good to very good condition. Good little worker


Miroku stirling in 12G
Serial no: 675555

26.5in barrels - have been cut from original 28.ejector, open chokes, single trigger, very tight action.. deceased estate.


Hollis SxS shotgun12G
Serial no: 107241

30in barrels, hammered twin trigger. Tight action, bores fair - will probably come up with a good scrub. Both barrels choked 1/2 and full. Good for field work or to restore


Sold as is


Stirling Field in 12G
Serial no: 16566

28in barrels, very good overall condition, choked 3/4s and full, twin trigger



Lefever Nitro Special in 12G
Serial no: 67884

28in barrels, twin trigger choked 3/4 and full.

NOTE: extractor is missing As a result this gun is sold as parts only. Shoots fine just missing extractor claw.



All items sold on this website are sold under Victorian Firearms Dealers licence: 73241410F

All firearms and ammunition will be sold only to Accredited licence holders or other Licenced Firearms Dealers. 

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